Training Resources

IMS 100 certification under Emergency Management Ontario

IMS 100 is your basic Incident Management skills for all incidents, and will help improve the flow and efficiency at our calls. 

Equipment Available in Compartments of All Apparatus

Overview of each compartment of all apparatus and highlights of new equipment and updates to any compartments as of April 7, 2020.

Responses for COVID-19 and Decontamination Procedures

Updates on fire department operations specific to the COVID-19 outbreak and firefighting and COVID-19 decontamination operations.

Basic Pump Operations and Troubleshooting

Basic pump operations and troubleshooting while using tank water and hydrant supply.

Through The Lock Forcible Entry & Assorted Lock Forcing

Overview of our new Through the Lock (TTL) Kit as well as TTL forcible entry and various lock forces.

SCBA Decon Procedures

How to properly decontaminate a SCBA, mask, and cylinder.


Auto extrication procedures.

Butane Hash Labs—an Explosive Threat

Chris Jelinek explains the hazards associated with butane hash labs as well and considerations for firefighters at an incident with or without fire.

Electric Vehicle Charger and Electric Vehicle Fires

An in-depth look at mitigating incidents involving electric vehicles and their charging systems.

Emergency Response to the Tesla Model 3

In this video Brock Archer (Advanced Extrication), Jim Bolton (Reno Fire) and the Fremont Fire Department discuss and demonstrate vehicle rescue and extrication at incidents involving the Tesla Model 3.

Procedures and Equipment to Deal with 2 1/2″ Hydrants

New standard procedure for setup for hydrants without the 4 inch connection.

Headset Ops

How to use the headset on Pumper 8 and pair, if necessary.

Electrical Safety

A guide to safe practices at electrical incidents.

Intro to Medical

A look at the equipment, supplies and certifications needed for our current medical operations.

Minuteman Hose Loads

Deployment and packing of the modified minuteman hose load.

OFM Introduction to Photography

This course includes an introduction to basic photography theory, basic digital photography, basic camera handling and operations, and the application of scene photography for either fire investigations or inspections.