Public Education

Public education teaches people to protect themselves and others from the hazards of fire. The goal of the Mattawa Fire Department is to reduce the number of fires and resulting damage as well as the number of deaths and severity of injuries.

We work to provide sufficient information such that people will be able to respond quickly and effectively when in a situation. More importantly, we educate people to prevent fires from occurring. Reinforcement is key and thus the Mattawa Fire Department frequently provides opportunities for the public to be educated.

Should you want to schedule an educational event call the Mattawa Fire Department or email the fire prevention officer [email protected].


Every year during fire prevention week, the Mattawa Fire Department visits local schools and provides video and slide presentations designed for elementary school children to make them aware of fire hazards, prevention, and safety.

For additional educational information for children, visit Sparky’s School House.

Teachers from the local schools often take the opportunity to bring the children to the fire hall for a tour. Firefighters show the children the equipment and the gear that is used for firefighting.


When it comes to fire safety, older adults require more assistance than any other group. Statistics show that adults over the age of 65 are at greatest risk of dying in a fire. By 2017, for the first time ever, Ontario will be home to more people over 65 than children under 15. Due to medical advances, people typically live much longer. As such, it is critical to find a way to ensure that older people remain safe and protected from injuries and deaths due to fire, while still allowing them to live an independent life with dignity.

The Mattawa Fire Department hosts information sessions, and delivers video and slide presentations designed specifically for older adults. The goal is to ensure that older persons and caregivers are aware of fire hazards, prevention and safety.

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Additional Education & Training

The Mattawa Fire Department also supports fire drills at special use facilities, provides fire extinguisher training, and assists organizations in practising planned evacuation procedures.