Plan Your Escape

Develop a home fire escape plan today…it could save your life tonight!

Install working smoke alarms on every storey and outside all sleeping areas of your home. It’s the law!

Know what to do when the smoke alarm sounds. Sit down with everyone in your household and discuss how each person will get out of the home in a fire.

Practise your escape plan with everyone in your home.

Make sure everyone can get out quickly.

Make sure everyone knows two ways out of each room, if possible.

If the door of a room is blocked by smoke or fire, discuss an alternate escape route such as a window. Make sure all windows open easily. Security bars on windows should have quick-releasing devices so they can be easily removed.

Help those who need it!

Determine who will be responsible for helping young children, older adults, people with disabilities or anyone else who may need assistance.

Get low and go under the smoke to the nearest safe exit.

Most fire deaths are the result of smoke inhalation.

Choose a meeting place outside, a safe distance from your home.

A tree, street light or a neighbour’s home are all good choices. In case of fire, everyone should go directly to this meeting place to be accounted for.

Get out, stay out.

Never re-enter a burning building. Once you have safely escaped, call the fire department from outside your home using a cell phone or from a neighbour’s home.

Every Second Counts! Plan Two Ways Out

Escape Planning Info Sheet

Escape Planning Grid

Create your Home Escape Plan now!

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