The Mattawa Fire Department regularly conducts fire safety inspections of all types of occupancies as defined by the Ontario Building Code under the provisions of the Ontario Fire Code / Fire Marshall’s Act. Inspections ensure that buildings in Ontario comply with the Ontario Fire Code. The Ontario Fire Code states that new and existing buildings must be built and maintained to be fire safe.

The team responds to and resolves citizen complaints and concerns regarding fire safety. Inspectors deal with mandated code compliance issues and enforce some municipal by-laws.

Fire safety inspections can be initiated

  • Due to complaints or reports of potential hazards.
  • If the building is a special use facility.
  • By request.

The following special use facilities require an annual fire safety inspection

  • Vendors carts and mobile units.
  • Daycare facilities, including home daycare.

The following special use facilities must perform fire drills twice a year

  • Hospitals.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Special care facilities for the challenged.
  • Schools.

Should you want to schedule an inspection call the Mattawa Fire Department or email the fire prevention officer [email protected].