Mattawa Fire Department acquires new equipment

Mattawa Fire Department has recently purchased new municipal fire hose, AQUAFLOW-PLUSĀ® from Mercedes Textiles.

Pumper 8 has been freshly stocked with 2300′ of colour coded hose, with new attack and supply lines.

IMG_3301 IMG_3298 IMG_3303 IMG_3304 IMG_3302

This new colour coded hose enables our fire fighters to be drastically more efficient and safe on the fire ground.

There are many reasons why this is the case …

The coloured hoses are easily matched to the controls on the truck.

The rapid and easily identifiable nature of colour coordinated hose allows fire attack crews to better communicate with their pump operator during complex calls when there is a myriad of hose laid on the ground. The ability to immediately identify which line you’re following or tasked to when entering the hot zone will greatly reduce the time needed to find the correct nozzle, team, or the correct way out.

New hose also comes with lower friction losses, enabling the hose to be pumped at slightly less pressure, which aids in maneuverability and nozzle management.

The department has also increased the amount of hose that is carried on Pumper 8 and added most of the old hose to Pumper 05 to augment the hose on that truck. The department now has two (2) fully loaded trucks to respond to calls, which greatly increases our options regarding water supply and fire attack at the scene.

Another benefit of the new hose is weight. In our 100 ft. Standpipe kits, we’ve shaved 15 lbs of weight off the pack just by switching to a modern hose.

All of these benefits will drastically improve our response to calls.