St. Victor’s school students visit Mattawa fire hall

St. Victor’s school students visited the Mattawa fire hall on Friday, June 23rd, 2017. The children and adult supervisors were greeted by Deputy Fire Chief Paul Dupras.

The children immediately asked whether the department had a dog! Goes to show how Sparky makes an impression. They also wondered where all the other firefighters were. It was explained to them that the firefighters are volunteers and have other jobs. There were many questions about the gear that the firefighters wear, why are the helmets different colours, questions about the man down alarms, the flashlights on the helmets, etc. Very inquisitive minds!

The kids were very excited when Fire Chief Chad Belanger arrived as now the boss was there!

In spite of the the children were able to see the gear that the firefighters wear, get into the fire trucks, tour the back of the rescue van, and see the ice water rescue equipment while nice and dry inside the fire hall.

A great time was had by all! Everyone left smiling wearing their very own fire hat!