Weekend Security

A weekend security system has been established to ensure that there are sufficient firefighters remaining within the Town of Mattawa limits to respond to a call.

The weekend security schedule runs from the long weekend in May through Thanksgiving weekend in October. Weekend security runs from 6:00 pm Friday until 6:00 pm on Sunday (or Monday for long weekends).

Teams are formed consisting of one officer and three or four firefighters. The teams are scheduled on a rotational basis with a predetermined schedule that is drawn up prior to May every year. Firefighters on call are asked to refrain from alcohol intake as to not be impaired in case of a fire call. Firefighters on call are not able to respond to any calls outside of the Town of Mattawa limits.

Any firefighter who wants to exchange/give away one day or weekend with someone else may do so, but it is between them to find a replacement and not the officer in charge. Also, they must inform the officer in charge of these changes so that he may record the changes on the weekend security sheet, which is posted in the office and from which all firefighters are paid for their time on call.

When a change is required to the weekend security agreement, a written form requesting changes must be signed by the firefighter and the officer in charge. This is to keep track of who is on call. Forms will be available to all officers. Any dispute will be addressed by the officer on call and the fire chief.