The roles and responsibilities of a firefighter with the Mattawa Fire Department are to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of and visitors to the Town of Mattawa and the inhabitants of such other municipalities as we may be legally required to operate within.

The programs and services of the Mattawa Fire Department range from the adverse effects of fire to sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by individuals or nature. They also include fire prevention and public education, rescue and suppression services, responses to motor vehicle accidents, hazardous material incidents or spills and all types of fires and explosions. Medical assistance is provided when required which includes providing first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to those in need.

Following are some of the duties in which you may be involved:

  • Perform fire ground operation.
  • Perform rescue operations.
  • Operate and maintain fire apparatus.
  • Apply first aid and CPR.
  • Control hazardous material.
  • Maintain firefighting equipment.
  • Participate in fire safety inspections.
  • Perform station duties.
  • Perform public relations and education.
  • Perform communications duties.
  • Develop fire pre-plans.
  • Perform administrative duties.

In our new recruits and members we expect adherence to the following commitments and standards:

  • A willingness to commit to a long term relationship with the fire department.
  • A willingness to train. The vast majority of our time is spent in training. Your training will begin the first day that you join and will continue throughout your career as a firefighter. Currently, we train every Wednesday night in house and occasionally with the Office of the Fire Marshall. Our training involves the Ontario firefighters curriculum, which covers all aspects of firefighting. This is both a personal study and hands on experience as you are shown and equipped with the skills that you will require. A definite commitment to progress through the curriculum and attendance at training meetings is necessary.
  • A willingness to follow the procedures and policies of the fire department, to respect and follow orders from the chain of command and to carry out your duties as assigned in the fire hall.
  • A determination to attend all calls and to remain at the scene of the emergency until you are relieved by an officer.
  • A determination to do your best at all times, recognizing your moral and legal obligation to do so, as lives may depend on it.
  • A willingness to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all calls, and to treat the members of the public with courtesy and respect.
  • A determination to always act in a safe manner and to promote safety within the department.

A person is qualified to be appointed as a probationary member of the Mattawa Fire Department if they complete an application form and

  • Is not less than eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Is in possession of a valid Class “G” Ontario driver’s licence, and is willing to upgrade to a Class “DZ” licence (within one (1) year).
  • Is of good character.
  • Is medically fit to be a member (after accepted requires medical exam).
  • Must possess a vehicle to attend calls.
  • Must reside reasonably close to the fire station (fire chief’s discretion).