The code of ethics that applies to all members of the Mattawa Fire Department is:

  • Realise and accept the responsibility of being a volunteer firefighter and perform the assigned duties.
  • Respond promptly to all alarms.
  • Obey the orders of the officer in charge.
  • Do your share of the work that is required in cleaning and loading the hose and equipment and cleaning apparatus after all alarms.
  • Report to the fire hall immediately after each alarm in order to help put the equipment and apparatus back in shape for the next alarm.
  • Do your work at fires and drills in a quick and orderly manner.
  • Refrain from using profane language while working at alarms and around the public.
  • Report for drill practice earnestly and do your part in making the Mattawa Fire Department an effective firefighting organization.
  • Be loyal to the officers and the department and at all times conduct yourself in a manner that is in keeping with the responsibilities of a firefighter.
  • Remember that they are in the eye of the public on and off duty and conduct yourself accordingly.
  • Voluntarily resign if at any time you cannot comply with the rules and regulations of the department.
  • Devote all necessary time and energy to the suppression of fire and the elimination of hazards in the community and to do your utmost in protecting the lives and property of your fellow citizens.