It is the policy of the Mattawa Fire Department to maintain strict control over entrance to the premises; access to work locations and records; access to computer information; and access to cash or other items of monetary value. Of particular concern is the subject of personal right to privacy. Documentation of incident reports, fire inspections, personal information and system access to such information is of a confidential nature and must be protected to prevent invasion of privacy.

Members who are given special access, or assigned job responsibilities in connection with the safety or confidentiality of records, materials, equipment, or items of monetary or business value, shall use sound judgment and discretion in carrying out their duties. They will be held accountable for any wrong doing or acts of indiscretion.

Information about the department, its members, its suppliers, and incident victims/patients should not be divulged to anyone other than the persons who have a right to know, or who are authorized to receive such information. If there is a doubt as to whether certain information is or is not confidential, then the information shall not be disclosed to anyone without clearing it through the Chief of the Department or designee.

This basic policy of caution and discretion in handling confidential information applies to both internal and external disclosure.

Any member of the Mattawa Fire Department in violation of this policy shall be subject to corrective action and/or immediate dismissal.