Emergency Services are not like other fields of volunteer service. Perhaps that is why being involved in Emergency Services is so special. We would like to give you an idea of what will be expected of you as a new recruit in the Mattawa Fire Department. Do not let this frighten you or overwhelm you. It is our suspicion that many of these expectations are already naturally a part of your attitudes and character.

Emergency Services volunteers tend to be action oriented risk takers, highly dedicated, family oriented, with a great deal of internal motivation, have difficulty saying no, and like to be needed. Your interest in the Mattawa Fire Department already demonstrates to us that you have many of these characteristics.

Our work involves house fires, chimney fires, vehicle fires, vehicle accidents, vehicle rescue, hazardous material management, medical emergencies, rescue, emergency pre-planning, fire safety and awareness.

As a new recruit, training will be your main focus but it will not be long before you find yourself contributing to our efforts in ways that you can now only imagine. Successful completion of examinations may be required to confirm learned skills.

Firefighters have roles and ethical and legal requirements needed to maintain their own safety, and to increase the public’s confidence in the department. Professionalism and confidentiality are expected at all times.

New recruits will be on probation for one year, in which time a class DZ license must be acquired in order to advance from probationary status and continue your employment with the Mattawa Fire Department.

Volunteer firefighters will be assigned to weekend security.

Firefighters will be compensated based on their attendance at weekly meetings, response to fire calls, and for weekend security.

It is not mandatory to join the Mattawa Volunteer Firefighters Association but if the volunteer firefighter wants to join there is a $10.00 yearly membership fee. The association includes several committees that do fundraising through special events. Participation in fundraising activities is expected if you become a member of the association.