Public school students visit the Mattawa fire hall

Mattawa District Public School jk and sk students visited the Mattawa fire hall on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017. The excited children could be heard as they walked down McConnell St. towards the fire hall. As they spotted the fire trucks that were parked outside the fire hall with all their lights flashing…

WOW those are real fire trucks!

The children and adult supervisors were greeted by Deputy Fire Chief Paul Dupras and firefighters Caleb Jodouin and Ernie Lamirante.

There were many questions about the gear that the firefighters wear, the ice water rescue equipment, and the fire trucks. Some of the children were eager to share stories where they had experienced some type of event related to fire.

But most of all they all wanted to get into the fire trucks, pretend to drive, blow the horns!

It certainly looked like they enjoyed their visit! Everyone left smiling wearing their very own fire hat!