Mattawa Fire Department visits full time RV families at Sid Turcotte Park Camping and Cottage Resort

A mid-September 2017 weekend brought a number of full time RV families from the US to Sid Turcotte Park Camping and Cottage Resort for a Canadian rally (EH!). A number of organized activities were included in the weekend for the participating families. The Mattawa Fire Department was invited to speak to the attendees at a fire safety seminar. Sparky happened to be in town and was able to visit with the kids while they inspected a few fire vehicles.

Local family supports purchase of ice rescue sled

On Friday, August 3, 2017 Glenn and Leslie Clarke, residents of Mattawa, had to say goodbye to their family member Flick. They thought their dog Flick was a little crazy, but he was a good boy, and will be missed. Several years ago Flick had suffered an ordeal in the frozen Mattawa River. Four (4) people risked their lives that night while rescuing Flick.

To show their gratitude Glenn and Leslie made a donation towards the purchase of an ice rescue sled. With the help of the family, the Mattawa Town Council, and the Mattawa Fire Department, Mattawa purchased an ice rescue sled and named it Flick.