OFM Public Education – May 2017

What’s the risk in May?
2006-2015 Ontario avg. fire losses, Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management:

  • 10% of annual loss fires occur in May
  • Average of 39 injuries
  • Average of 6 fatalities
  • Top ignition sources include electrical distribution equipment, cooking equipment, and cigarettes.

Fire Safety
Primary fire safety concerns for May include barbecues, smoking, cottage fires, electrical fires, and fireworks. Resources have been identified later in this news item.

Barbecue Safety
TSSA Tips for the Safe Use of Barbecues…

Smoking Safety
Smoking Fire Safety Info Sheet…

Cottage Safety
Cottage Fire Safety Tips…

Fireworks Safety
Fireworks Safety Tips…

Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Tips…
Electrical Safety Info Sheet…

Spring Fire Safety Tips
OAFC Spring and Summer Fire Safety Tips
TSSA Spring Safe Handbook
TSSA Spring Home Safety Checklist

Smoke Alarm Info Sheet
Smoke Alarm Information
Carbon Monoxide Information

Escape Planning Info Sheet
Home Fire Escape Planning Tips
Plan Your Escape Info Card