OFM Public Education – July 2019

What’s the risk in July?

  • 9% of annual loss fires occur in July
  • Average of 32 injuries
  • Average of 4 fatalities

Top ignition sources:

  • cooking equipment
  • electrical distribution equipment
  • cigarettes

*2008-2017 Ontario avg. fire losses, Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (injuries and fatalities above are for civilians only)

July’s Fire Safety Concerns

  • barbecues
  • cottage fires
  • forest fires
  • smoking related fires


Barbecue Safety
Smoking Fire Safety
Cottage Fire Safety
Electrical Fire Safety

TSSA Top Tips for A Safer Summer
TSSA Summer Smart Handbook

Forest Fires:

People having outdoor fires must follow strict guidelines under the Forest Fires Prevention Act of Ontario to ensure their fires are properly managed. 

Forest Fire Safety Information


Fire Safety Equipment


Plan Your Escape

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