Donation to Mattawa Minor Hockey Association

MMHA director accepting donation from Mattawa Fire Department Chief

MMHA Director Dan Landriault thanks Mattawa Fire Chief Chad Belanger for the donation from the Mattawa Firefighters Association. The funds were used to purchase trainer duffel bags for each division in the league, six (6) bags in total. Each bag has a custom label identifying the division and the logos for the Mattawa Rockets and the Mattawa Fire Department.

MMHA trainer bag

The funds were also used to fill the bags with items custom fitted for the age group in each division. Items that can be found in each bag include a spare neck guard, mouth guard, skate laces, helmet repair kit, skate stone and quick sharpener, helmet chin strap, shin tape, stick tape and spare medical supplies for first aid kits.

Trainer bag content

It is partnerships like these that the Mattawa Firefighters Association values. We appreciate Mattawa Minor Hockey Association reaching out to us to support them with making the on ice experience safer for players of all ages!