2019 Fire Safety and Awareness Open House Great Success!

The fourth annual fire safety and awareness open house was held on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019 at the Mattawa Fire Hall.

Many visitors attended the event and learned more about the numerous tasks that the firefighters perform; they were able to inspect the fire equipment. Fire prevention and safety information was distributed. Informative videos were running during the event. Interactive displays were available for the children. Draws were held for various items.

The kids, Sparky, and a few adults also enjoyed trying to dunk brave volunteers in the dunk tank!

Representatives from the Papineau Cameron Fire Department were present. Sparky, the department mascot, enthusiastically participated! And, of course, hot dogs were served!

Mattawa Fire Equipment

The Mattawa Fire Equipment was on display for the visitors.

Mattawa Extrication Equipment
Papineau Cameron Battery Powered Extrication Equipment – Mattawa Fire Department is currently raising funds to purchase this type of equipment

Papineau Cameron Fire Equipment

The Papineau Cameron Fire Department was on site with their equipment.

Given that there are no fire hydrants in the township that they service they require other means to get water to put out the fire. They had their tanker and pool onsite.
ATV for off road incidents


Of course, Sparky, the department mascot, tried to steal the show! Do you know The Story of Sparky the Fire Dog ?

Everyone enjoys having their photos taken with the famous Dalmatian.

Mockup of a House on Fire

The mockup includes the front face of a house with windows in which flames were installed on hinges to simulate a house on fire. The kids enjoyed trying to put the flames out with a real hose. 

Dunk Tank

Brave volunteers took their chances in the dunk tank! It soon became clear that Sparky has a mean arm.


Visitors and volunteers enjoyed coffee and Timbits courtesy of the Mattawa Tim Hortons.

Hot dogs and drinks were served to visitors and volunteers. Food was provided courtesy of Mattawa Foodland.

Firefighter Chad Belanger was the chef for the event.

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2019 Mattawa District Public School Students visit the Mattawa Fire Hall

Mattawa District Public School jk and sk students visited the Mattawa fire hall on at the end of their 2019 school year.

The children, teachers, and adult supervisors were greeted by Deputy Fire Chief Paul Dupras and firefighter Mathew Gardiner.

Firefighter Matt dressed in full bunker gear so that the children would know what to expect if a firefighter ever came to their home! Deputy Fire Chief Paul described the gear and its purpose.
The kids were able to check out the back of the rescue van!
And, of course, the fire truck!

It certainly looked like they enjoyed their visit! Everyone left smiling wearing their very own fire hat!

In order to assist you, emergency responders need to be able to find you!

When you call 911 in an emergency, emergency responders can lose precious minutes trying to locate the home, business, or other type of facility that requires assistance if address numbers are not EASILY and CLEARLY visible!

YOU can greatly assist in making this possible!

Some questions, tips and guidelines from the Mattawa Fire Department:

  • Ask your friends, clients, and visitors if they can clearly see the property number.
  • Is the property number clearly visible in both daylight and at night?
    • Is there enough contrast in the numbers versus the background on which they are displayed?
    • Are the numbers faded, do they need to be painted, or replaced?
    • Are there lights near the numbers to make them more visible?
    • Are the numbers reflective?
  • Bigger is better!
    • Recommendation for single-family homes is at least 4″ high lettering.
    • Recommendation for multiple dwelling units is at least 6″ high lettering.
  • Do the numbers face the street on which the property resides?
    • Are the numbers visible in both directions? You never know in which direction emergency assistance may approach.
    • If there is a driveway to a property, then the numbers need to be clearly visible at the accessing road.
  • Trim, trim, trim…
    • Bushes, flowers, vines, trees, weeds can easily obscure property numbers in spring, summer, and fall.
    • Move anything that may obscure the property numbers.
  • Winter surprises…
    • Clear snow and ice to make all property numbers clearly visible.