In order to assist you, emergency responders need to be able to find you!

When you call 911 in an emergency, emergency responders can lose precious minutes trying to locate the home, business, or other type of facility that requires assistance if address numbers are not EASILY and CLEARLY visible!

YOU can greatly assist in making this possible!

Some questions, tips and guidelines from the Mattawa Fire Department:

  • Ask your friends, clients, and visitors if they can clearly see the property number.
  • Is the property number clearly visible in both daylight and at night?
    • Is there enough contrast in the numbers versus the background on which they are displayed?
    • Are the numbers faded, do they need to be painted, or replaced?
    • Are there lights near the numbers to make them more visible?
    • Are the numbers reflective?
  • Bigger is better!
    • Recommendation for single-family homes is at least 4″ high lettering.
    • Recommendation for multiple dwelling units is at least 6″ high lettering.
  • Do the numbers face the street on which the property resides?
    • Are the numbers visible in both directions? You never know in which direction emergency assistance may approach.
    • If there is a driveway to a property, then the numbers need to be clearly visible at the accessing road.
  • Trim, trim, trim…
    • Bushes, flowers, vines, trees, weeds can easily obscure property numbers in spring, summer, and fall.
    • Move anything that may obscure the property numbers.
  • Winter surprises…
    • Clear snow and ice to make all property numbers clearly visible.

Historic Mattawa Fire Department Captains Promotions

Ryan Yerlitz, Brittany Rowan

Last month, firefighter’s Ryan Yerlitz and Brittany Rowan were promoted from line firefighters to Captains. 

In a historic first, Captain Brittany Rowan also became the first female Captain of the Mattawa Fire Department. 

Both of these firefighters showed exemplary competencies during training and incident responses, and excelled in their Captain interviews and testing. The Mattawa Fire Department is extremely pleased at the way these two members conduct themselves and with their skills and decision making abilities. Since their promotion, these new Captains have had to command several structure fires, vehicle fires as well as other call responses in that timespan. 

For those who are unfamiliar with our two Captains,

Captain Ryan Yerlitz resides in Mattawa and is a tradesman at Gin-Cor Industries and has been a part of the Mattawa Fire Department since 2019. Ryan has a deep understanding of fire ground operations and is outstanding in fire attack and auto extrication evolutions.

Captain Brittany Rowan also resides within Mattawa and is a Registered Nurse at the Mattawa Hospital. She has been part of the Mattawa Fire Department since 2020 and has been in the fire service since 2017. Brittany has a vast knowledge of fire service operations and her expertise lies with pump operations, medical response, and incident priorities. 

The Mattawa Fire Department wishes continued success to all its members and to our newest Captains! Welcome to the Officer Club.

Fire Prevention Week is coming up: October 9 – 15, 2022

The theme for this year is “Fire Won’t Wait – Plan Your Escape!”

This year’s theme involves challenging all Ontarians to Plan a Record-Breaking Escape!

Mattawa Fire Department encourages all local residents to create and practice a home fire escape plan.

Mattawa Fire Department works to educate everyone about simple but important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe from home fires.

Homes today burn faster than ever meaning that occupants have as little as two minutes (or even less) to escape a home fire from the time they hear a smoke alarm. Occupants’ ability to escape a fire depend largely on smoke alarms and advance planning.

More information on Escape Planning